Welcome to the Certificate Upload Portal user guide.

What's New

  • Brand new look and feel
  • Support for multiple form factors (desktop, tablet, phone)
  • API-based upload of certificate data
  • Certificate data analysis dashboard
  • Customisable notifications​

Video Tour

Getting Started

To access the portal, browse to the following URL: https://portal.jasanz.org 

Sign in to the portal with your JASANZ credentials e.g. your.name@jasanz.services 


Users navigate the portal by using the hamburger menu on the left-hand side of the screen to choose a heading.

Some headings may contain subheadings.

Currently, the headings available are:

DashboardThe default landing page for users signing into the platform.
Manage CertificateThe primary heading for reviewing and managing certificates and related data.
   Review CertificatesView a list of existing certificates provided to JASANZ.
   Add CertificateUse a wizard to create a new certificate based on your accredited scope.
   Upload FIleManage certificate data in bulk by uploading a file.
API KeysCertificate data can be managed in bulk using an API connection; create a key to authenticate access to your certificate data.
SettingsManage controls that govern the processing of your certificate data.
   MappingsManage mappings that translate values from your own systems to what JASANZ expects to see.
   NotificationsManage who receives notifications regarding your certificate data for different events.
SupportAccess tools and information to help you get started with the app.
   DocumentationA link to this documentation.
   Watch the tourThe video tour above is also embedded in the app for quick reference.
   Give FeedbackAccess the feedback mechanism displayed in the Giving Feedback section above.


The header is present along the top of every page. It includes the following controls:

  1. The hamburger menu (covered above in Navigation)
  2. The Account menu
  3. The Context menu


Click the profile picture / silhouette to open the My Account menu.

This will show the email address linked to your JASANZ account, the change password option, and the Sign Out option.

Change your password

To change your password, click the Change Password link or browse to https://account.jasanz.org. The page below will display.

  1. Type your JASANZ username into the field e.g. your.name@jasanz.services
  2. Type your current password into the Password field
  3. Type your new password into the New Password field
  4. Confirm your new password by typing it into the Confirm new password field
  5. Click Change Password to submit your password change request.

N.B. It may take up to 15 minutes for your password change to sync across the various JASANZ services, factor this in when completing this process.


Some users operate in multiple contexts, for example:

  1. Working with multiple CABs records
  2. Acting as a scheme owner

The context switcher enables you to select the appropriate context for your interaction.

Scheme-specific functions are not included in this release of the app.

Report a Problem

The Report a Problem icon is present on every page in the application (centered on the right side). If something is not working as you would expect, you can click the button and fill in a short form to report a bug to us.

This is ideal for reporting issues that deal with sensitive information as responses to the form can only be reviewed by JASANZ staff.

Once the form is submitted a member of the JASANZ Information Systems team will be in touch ASAP regarding your issue.

Provide Feedback

The Provide Feedback link is available under the Support heading.

This section enables you to provide feedback on the platform in a visible way.

Anyone with a JASANZ account can login to the feedback tool, provide their own ideas, vote for others ideas, and even participate in discussion on suggestions.

The video below gives an overview of the feedback mechanism.

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